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President's Message

Welcome to the ASHRAE NJ 2017-18 Year!!

This is going to be an extremely exciting and adventurous year for all.

As I begin my presidential term, I wanted to share my motivators this year, my main term is excellence. Excellence for all aspects of the chapter!! We have some very high quality presentations scheduled this year and we are working to implement other exciting events throughout the year; most importantly New Jersey will be hosting the ASHRAE Region 1 Chapter Regional Conference. For those who are unfamiliar, this is where the President and President Elect from each Chapter in the Region come together with the National Representatives to discuss all things ASHRAE. It is a large event with attendees from the entire Northeast. We need help getting everything together, so please reach out to myself, Kent Silveria or Chris Phelan if you have an interest in helping. New Jersey has to represent!!

NJ ASHRAE Succeeds with volunteers, if you have any time even 1 hour per month you can be a very useful asset to our chapter.

In addition, please provide any feedback as to how we can make this chapter better; my ears are open for any feedback, one of my goals this year is to increase member participation. I do plan on sending out a survey in the beginning of the year to assist with this goal.

A huge thank you to Dorrie Mercurio for her hard work last year as president, she was a wonderful mentor for my year as president for sure!!

I am looking forward to our first meeting of the New Year.

Michelle Contri