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President's Message

October 2018

I would like to welcome everyone back to the 2018-2019 season of ASHRAE NJ! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing summer with your families. As usual, summer flew by and we are back in session. Our first dinner meeting of the year will be held on October 2nd. I cannot wait to greet both new and familiar faces at the meeting!

For those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting over the last couple of years - In 2008, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Go Knights!). At UCF, I met my wife who is currently expecting identical twin girls and is due in October. We also have a 21-month old son, so we will have our hands full with 3 under 2 years old! It's going to be quite a year!

It is a great honor for me to serve as your Chapter President this year! I'd like to give a special thank you to Michelle Contri for her dedication last year as the 2017-2018 New Jersey Chapter President! Under her leadership, we were successful in sponsoring a local elementary school's STEM program through ASHRAE's Chapter Opportunity Fund. Also, thank you to all of the board members, committee chairs and committee members for dedicating their valuable time and effort! As you know, the chapter is completely run by volunteers and we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team to run the daily operations of the chapter.

This summer, our chapter hosted the Region I Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) that was held in Jersey City. The event was OUTSTANDING! ASHRAE Region I members traveled from all over the northeast to attend the conference. Special thank you to Chris Phelan (CRC Committee Chair), Kent Silveria (Co-Chair), Dorrie Mercurio (Co-Chair), the rest of the committee members and those who volunteered for the conference! It was rewarding to hear how much everyone enjoyed it and to see the CRC Committee's hard work come to fruition.

At the conference, several of our members were presented with awards for their exceptional performance last year in ASHRAE. These awards will be presented at the October meeting. Please join me in congratulating these individuals and thanking our volunteers for their achievements!

We also have a couple of new volunteers this year that I would like to recognize; Tyler Tjong (Student Activities and YEA committee member) and Yao Dong (YEA committee Co-Chair). We thank you for volunteering your time and support this upcoming year!

This month's dinner meeting is our "Welcome Back Night" and will be presented by Richard Silberman, who will be speaking about Legionella. We are looking forward to a great turnout and seeing everyone again! Cheers to an excellent year ahead!
  • "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success." - Unknown

Ryan Diazi