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Resource Goals
Resource promotion is extremely important to ASHRAE. Without donations, ASHRAE would not be able to fund all the valuable resource to our industry. Online donations are extremely simple to do and the form can be accessed from the ASHRAE main web page. Just go to the tab labeled "Standards, Resource and Technology" and click on "Resource Promotion." You will now see "Online Contribution Form." Just click and fill out the form. Thank you for your support.

For your convienience you may access the ASHRAE website from the following links:

Contributions as of April 29, 2013: $4,165

Thank you to all of the 2012-2013 Chapter Supporters of ASHRAE Resource to date. List of Chapter Contributors (individuals and companies):

Mr. Spencer Morasch
Mr. Garry N. Myers
Mr. Mohammed A. Jalil
Mr. James A. Van Wyk
Mr. Christopher G. Phelan
Mrs. Dorrie A. Mercurio, PE
Mr. Roger A. Shults
Mr. John E Tellefsen
Mr. James Rossetti, PE
Mr. David E. Halko
Mr. Scott T. Smith
Mr. Chris M. Lambert
Mr. James Sarno
Mr. Ronald E. Bohman
Mr. Sydney Samuels
Mr. Laurence J. Shapiro, PE
Mr. Leonard H. Schwartz
Mr. James A. Stainner
Mr. Paul A. Scheele
Mr. Charles W. Morgan
SRS Enterprises
Mr. John G. Woerner
Epic Mechanical Incorporated
Mr. Paul D. Hanson
Mr. William A. Piegari
Mr. Marmaduke B. Holt, III
Mr. Vincent J. Barone, PE PA
Mr. James R. Bucciaglia
Mr. Rober A. Rankel
Mr. Leslie Sterling

100% of the money donated to ASHRAE Resource Promotion goes toward Resource! Donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to donate or have any questions about ASHRAE Resource, please contact: Scott Smith, Resource Promotion Chair.