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Schedule of Events
NJ ASHRAE 2015-2017 Dinner Meeting Schedule*

October 03, 2017
Welcome Back
Topic: The Effect of Demand Charge on Utiilty Bills
Speaker: Evan Berger

November 07, 2017
Past President's Night
Topic: Natatorium Design
Speaker: Mark Palitza

December 5, 2017
Back to Basics Night
Topic: Implementing a BACnet System
Speaker: Tom Leach

January 10, 2018
Joint Meeting With NJ ASPE & NJ MCA
Topic: MCA Meeting

February 06, 2018
Research Promotion Night
Topic: Passive House
Speaker: Tom Davidson

March 6, 2018
Membership & History Night
Topic: Green "Sustainable" HVAC Design
Speaker: Julian R. de Bullet

April 3, 2018
Student & YEA Night
Topic: Chilled Beam/Underfloor
Speaker: Dennis Sikkema

April 19, 2018
Free ASHRAE Webcast
Myths About Energy Efficiency

May 01, 2018
Installation of New Officers & Refrigeration Night
Topic: ASHRAE 15/34 Standards
Speaker: Paul Doppel

June 2018
Golf Outing to Benefit ASHRAE Research Promotion